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More is Less?
We loved our old website. It reflected the mission of our studio well but we must admit it had one major flaw. We received a lot of feedback that our homepage animation lacked accessibility and was using quite a bit of computational power to run. We had to do...
Sustainability - Design
The butterfly effect
As our studio enters its fourth year, we reflect on our journey, characterized by growth and transformation. Much like a child who matures into a teenager and eventually an adult, we have evolved organically, gaining valuable insights and deepening our...
Studio News
The carbon footprint of the Internet: making the invisible visible
The internet is a physical thing. And it is responsible for around 4% of global emissions - more than the entire airline industry, and is growing by 5% each year. In an age when scientists are warning us that every bit of warming matters, it's time to get...
sustainability - Planet
The speed of light websites
When you wait in line at a store, the longer you wait the more likely that you will leave. This is even worst online. Conversion rate, the percentage of visitors who complete an action after visiting a webpage, is one of the most significant metrics for...
Keep it as simple as pizza
In 100 years we have gone from living with with little information from the outside world to one where almost everything is connected. Every two days (in 2010), we are creating more information than in the past 5,000 years. We live in a world full of options,...
50 shades of green hosting
Most electricity generated globally is from fossil fuels, and the internet is no different. We are making strides in renewable energy infrastructure but unfortunately increases in consumption and data is reducing the impact of this progress. In this article...
Hello World!
Hey Low’s genesis is ironically, tied with oil. We, Saskia and Nico (Hey Low co-founders) met while working at Precious Plastic, an open-source project driving a community-led, decentralized approach to plastic recycling. Strangely enough, without knowing...
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