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Hello World!

On the making of a low-carbon design studio.

Hey Low’s genesis is ironically, tied with oil.

We, Saskia and Nico (Hey Low co-founders) met while working at Precious Plastic, an open-source project driving a community-led, decentralized approach to plastic recycling. Strangely enough, without knowing each other, the two of us applied at the same time. Probably a simple coincidence, but the start of a journey into the impact of our material lives.

That time we spent the Netherlands shifted some of our views of a designer’s role in our collective future, and for almost 2 years our daily life was shared with an incredible group of citizen activists gathered behind a common goal. And that gave us hope for the future. From designing digital tools to connect people all around the world with their local plastic economy, we started to think about our digital lives and questioned: what is the impact of the Internet? Turns out it’s pretty big, and we wanted to make the invisible visible.

We started our proof of concept, Sathyam Project, and found that we could make a beautiful and bold brand and website with 80% less emissions than average. We connected with others doing amazing things and was inspired to create Hey Low to be in service of building a greener version of the internet.

We then started to work with organisations that are celebrating local economies, bringing a better future closer, selling clothes from independent and sustainable brands, connecting people with the outdoors, tackling complex sustainability challenges, and fixing fashion and these collaborations helped us to develop our framework based on three principles: simplicity, speed and green energy.

Something More Near, with their new website said: “Low Carbon Website are just better websites”.

We couldn’t agree more.

So that’s what we do: we design and code low-carbon websites for those building a better world.

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We are here to guide your brand and website through a transformative journey that turns a humble caterpillar into a breathtaking butterfly. Our process - Discovery, Development and Launch - creates polished end-products that authentically portray your brand as one with a minimal environmental impact.
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