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A digital
studio driven
by Beauty & Sustainability

We exist to support those dedicated to social and environmental justice. We achieve this by providing bespoke and qualitative communication tools and websites, helping them succeed in their vital work.

Simultaneously, we are deeply committed to promoting sustainability in the digital industry. By adopting low-carbon practices and sharing our findings with others, we hope to inspire positive change in this industry.

Our vision is like a butterfly effect.

Taking actions at a small scale that can spread and create a more significant impact. We are a small team of humans striving to make a meaningful contribution towards a just and regenerative future.


Collaborative, Remote
and Asynchronous

We operate with a remote and asynchronous work model, enabling us to build teams based on project requirements and bring the best talent worldwide.

We love the freedom of remote collaboration, working flexibly to deliver exceptional results while promoting work-life balance and avoiding unnecessary meetings.

Fair prices for all
parts involved

Our clients gain strategic advantages with our top-notch work. Investing in customized solutions may be costly, but it is absolutely worth it.

We strive to find a fair and balanced pricing structure, particularly for non-profits and projects dedicated to social and environmental justice that may have limited resources.

Less about time spent
and more about the outcomes

Our experience of over 15 years has taught us that true creativity is not unlocked by overworking. Instead, it's quite the opposite.

That's why we embrace the principle of "Less is More" in our website designs and our approach to work-life balance. Our focus is on achieving our goals, not on the time it takes to get there.

is beautiful

We are a small team with no plans to get big.

Our approach is deeply connected with the concept of degrowth, which advocates for scaling down ecologically destructive industries while nurturing regenerative ones.

In the digital world, this is symbolized by the end of planned obsolescence and longer use of devices. That's what we're doing in our practice by focusing on creating lightweight websites that work well on older devices.


Brand Strategy & Identity

Positioning, Naming, Tone of Voice, Copywriting,
Visual Identity, Logo Design, Social Media Templates

Web Design & Development

UX Design, UI Design, Web Development, Optimisation & Maintenance


Workshop, Digital Footprint Audit


We are here to guide your brand through a transformative journey that turns a humble caterpillar into a breathtaking butterfly.


Through research and analysis, we uncover valuable insights to inform the creative direction of your project.


We use insights from exploration to brainstorm, refine, and shape tailored solutions that bring your vision to life.


We meticulously bring the chosen concept to life, transforming it into a polished and cohesive end product through coding, design, and seamless integration.


People & Planet over Profit
We are a purpose-led studio; We prioritize projects that focus on climate action and social justice. We have a strict policy of declining any future contracts with fossil fuel companies or trade associations and front groups representing the interests of these companies.
Keeping it simple
In a complex world of choices, simplicity shines. Just like the best pizzas focus on mastering a few key ingredients—dough, sauce, and cheese—we apply the same principle to website design. Embracing simplicity eliminates non-essentials, emphasizing what truly matters. It brings clarity, efficiency, and ease to design and content.
Beauty matters
Beauty enhances our lives. It helped our ancestors survive by indicating safety and edibility in nature. Neglecting beauty leads to dull environments and stress, while aesthetically pleasing surroundings improve well-being. Nature's efficient designs exemplify the power of beauty.
Defining boundaries
Just as Earth has boundaries, we establish our own limits for each project. By defining a page budget or the desired environmental impact, we set clear boundaries to guide our work. Regular reassessment ensures alignment with our goals throughout the development of a project.
Limiting energy-intensive medias
We prioritize efficiency by avoiding energy-intensive media in our projects. Videos can be heavy, difficult to navigate, and costly to produce. They are also less searchable and can quickly become outdated. 3D graphics drain device batteries and pose accessibility challenges. We minimize excessive animations and blinking elements to create an efficient and user-friendly experience by using media judiciously.
Using images efficiently
We make sure that every image serves a purpose in our projects. By avoiding unnecessary decorative images that lack value, we maintain a focused and meaningful visual experience. We meticulously optimize the format, size, and compression of our images, resulting in the best possible outcomes.
Typography on center stage
In our design philosophy, typography reigns supreme. The selection and implementation of font(s) play a pivotal role in creating a unique identity and influencing the overall atmosphere of the project. By meticulously curating fonts, we bring depth and character to our designs. Typography breathes life into our creations, making them visually captivating and impactful.
Reducing waste
Efficiency is at the core of our approach, and we employ various strategies to achieve it. Additionally to compressing and serving images in suitable sizes, we minimize data consumption and waste by removing unnecessary scripts. We also use cache system to reduce repetitive resource requests, enhancing overall efficiency.
Educating and engaging
We believe in the power of education and engagement to drive meaningful transformation. Recognizing that websites are dynamic and ever-evolving, we understand the importance of involving content creators in minimizing the environmental impact. We are part of a complex system and that change requires collective effort. By sharing our knowledge and empowering our team and clients with actionable instructions, we aspire to create a butterfly effect, sparking positive change beyond our immediate reach.
Progress over perfection
The pursuit of a sustainable web is a marathon, not a sprint. As web sustainability gains momentum, we're dedicated to embracing this direction while prioritizing well-being and enjoyment. Imperfections are inevitable. Mistakes are part of the learning process as we all navigate this journey together towards a more just and regenerative future.
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We are here to guide your brand and website through a transformative journey that turns a humble caterpillar into a breathtaking butterfly. Our process - Discovery, Development and Launch - creates polished end-products that authentically portray your brand as one with a minimal environmental impact.
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