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A brand consultancy guiding nature-based entrepreneurs to success.

This Way
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From engaging millions of Rolling Stones fans to building adventurous, start-ups from the ground up, Charlotte Raffo is an experienced and passionate brand and communication consultant who helps define what companies stand for and why people should care.

When she decided to create a brand consultancy working with environmentally-conscious business that connect people with the outdoors, she partnered with us to create a low-carbon visual identity to her new adventure, This Way.


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The brand:

It became quickly obvious that we needed to head into a visual direction with a connection to nature, something organic and energetic. We decided to pick a colour palette that evoked a forest, combined with the Aesthet Nova typeface which remains true to a "back to nature" roots thanks to its 70’s personality. On top of that, we applied a halftone effect to images, enabling very effective compression and therefore less data use. This mix creates a unique and very distinctive identity, while reducing the carbon impact of the brand communication assets.

To bring the brand to life on digital, we build a Wordpress-based site. The numbers are here to confirm the low impact of the website. The heaviest page is under 1mb and most of them under 500kb resulting to 0.13g of CO2 emitted on average per page view. That's a 80% cut in carbon emissions!

Bold, and Low.

For Charlotte to navigate independently in the future with the brand assets, we also developed a content creation tool on Figma so she can create her own assets without having to ask us to do it. The proof is here: all the assets on her social media accounts was made by her (see below and here). Well done Charlotte!