Bring a Better Future Closer
with Something More Near

When it came to re-launching their website,
Something More Near knew it could not simply be business as usual.

Something More Near

Someone More Near made the decision to build a low-carbon website, designed by Giulia Garbin, by reconsidering the structure of their content and using a blog for their case-studies. "End result = more personal and meaningful reflections on our work." as they said.
On top of building the blog, we developed a custom-made tool for their homepage, allowing them to create a looped animation from pre-defined templates rather than using a video-format.


Lighthouse Performance Score*


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"Low Carbon Websites are Better Websites"

They wrote a fantastic blog post on their (new low-carbon) website to explain in their own words. Here's an extract:

"We drew different connections between user needs, content structure, interfaces and sketched prototypes in order to make informed decisions about what was really necessary for us.
What this meant, in effect, was avoiding a whole lot of bloated bad practices that purely visual design tends to create on the modern day web. Seamlessness and abundance come at a price – endless scrolls, filters and carousels generally mean loading lots of things that never be seen, resulting in a lot of redundancy and needless energy use. Alongside this, long pages, heavy use of scripts and multiple web fonts are big offenders behind heavy resource use. On our site everything that’s in there is now a conscious decision.

That's what we call a perfect match.