Selling sustainable & independent clothes
with Moeon

Designing and building a seamless low-carbon eCommerce experience
with Berlin sustainable fashion store Moeon.


We were excited when Moeon approached us to help them rebrand and redesign their website. Not only was it a very aligned collaboration, but it posed a challenge that not many have tried before: a low-carbon eCommerce store. We were happy to bring them as well as the possibiility for eCommerce everywhere, to reach a new (low) level.


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Less carbon than previous site

The rebrand
We worked with Charlotte Raffo from This Way to craft a tone of voice that aligned with their vision for a new fashion industry, as well as with the brands and creators they partner with. Here is a small excerpt:

Moeon is a store and a community that celebrates sustainable, independent fashion. Who we are is based on three guiding principles.

Originality; living, dressing, and thinking differently is our thing. We like to express ourselves and our values in whatever way feels good and love supporting our community to do the same.

Quality; we celebrate the art and craft of fashion. Choosing fewer, timeless pieces that reflect who we are, not who we should be.

Progress; until sustainable practice is the standard, we’ll continue to make choosing ethical brands easy and transparent.

The website
eCommerce is a tricky one: lots of images and video, and the trend seems to be explosive. But we knew there was another way - we built upon their clean brand and created an image system that used great compression (thanks to modern image formats such as webp) as well as clean pages with no background. The result is a very fast eCommerce experience, with no compromise on the user experience. We're proud to have created a very early low-carbon eCommerce store!