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Celebrating Local Economies with Local Futures

Facilitating the management of the Local Futures' global online event.

Visual Identity - Design - Development


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World Localization Day is an annual commemoration of the global localization movement led by Local Futures, an international nonprofit organization founded by Helena Norberg-Hodge. Local Futures is dedicated to revitalizing ecological and social wellbeing by strengthening communities and local economies worldwide.

This celebration offers a fresh perspective on the world, encouraging individuals to participate in small-scale, local economic exchanges to develop a sense of place. It aims to foster local change as part of a global movement towards healthier communities and economies. Esteemed activists and artists such as Vandana Shiva, Jane Gooddall, Brian Eno, David Holmgren, and Naomi Klein actively support and celebrate this day.

Visual Identity & Design

Down to Earth

Our collaboration began in 2020, focusing on creating the visual identity and website of the event. In 2022 we relaunched the website as a new low-carbon version with enhanced functionalities allowing the Local Futures team to build extensive databases of stories and events showcasing how localization is taking place and being celebrated worldwide.

Additionally, we developed new graphic assets and visuals, including a prominent image featuring a person holding a beetroot to symbolize the down-to-earth revolution Local Futures advocate for.

Design and Development

A hub for events and stories

To facilitate the management of a vast amount of content, events, and stories from various creators, we built a system connected to Airtable. This system enables easy content management on the back-end. On the front-end of the website, we implemented filters and a search system to allow visitors to quickly find the desired content.
The outcome is a captivating and user-friendly hub for the event and the spread of stories, providing an engaging platform for sharing and exploration.

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