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In a world on the brink of collapse, changing so fast and yet in many ways not fast enough, we need broad and deep systems change. The School of System Change exists to nurture the work of leaders and changemakers who are embracing complexity and bringing about hopeful futures.
 As their creative partner, our studio was entrusted with the task of developing their visual identity and designing a low-carbon website that aligns with their values and goals.

Visual Identity

A design language inspired by fractal patterns: mycelial networks, river deltas, tree branches, coastlines.

The School of System Change and Hey Low embarked on a transformative and collaborative journey to establish a nature-inspired visual identity that truly captured the essence of the dynamic and interconnected organization.

Using a thoughtful selection of clean typography, colours, textures and imagery, we created a brand that resonated with the team and wider network of the School. It fosters a sense of interconnectedness and unity as well as symbolizes multiplicity and growth.

We equipped the School of System Change with the necessary tools to maintain consistency in their online presence by designing social media assets and a comprehensive Brand Hub in Canva, enabling them to generate an infinite amount of new assets internally.

We love our new brand and website - it captures our new direction and philosophy - that of organic living systems - and our partners also have said they love it and find it engaging and beautiful!”
Anna Birney
CEO (Chief Enabling/Evolving Officer)
at School of System Change

User Experience

Streamlining complexity.

Together with Team UX we developed a comprehensive UX strategy that focused on three key areas to enhance the user experience and optimize online presence.

Firstly, we simplified the presentation of the School's niche activities, ensuring that information was easily accessible and comprehensible to a diverse audience.
Secondly, we emphasized the School's unique differentiating arguments, highlighting their expertise and the value they offer to learners.
Lastly, we optimized conversion pathways, streamlining the user journey and making it seamless for visitors to engage with the School's programs and resources. We created wireframes that adhered to web quality best practices, accessibility rules, and eco-design principles, ensuring a sustainable and user-friendly experience.

Design and Development

A low-carbon website to support the School’s network

Minimising impact was at the heart of this project from the initial stage of the new visual identity and wireframes. The design and development of the website followed the same principles by optimising the site's assets and code, and by implementing hosting solutions powered by renewable energy. To facilitate the content management, in addition to Kirby CMS, we integrated connections with Airtable enabling them to easily capture and manage large amounts of content and build a resource database. The combination of a simple, comprehensive user workflow and a high-performance website that loads in a second gives the School a powerful tool in their mission to create system change.

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