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Crafting a fresh and engaging look for Sathyam while significantly reducing the impact of their online presence.

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The Sathyam Project is a social enterprise focused on education and income generation in Chennai, India. It was founded by Saskia Rysenbry and Rajini Devi in 2017 to support the work of the local Indian NGO Karunalaya Kalaiselvi Social Welfare Society (where Rajini works as Secretary Director).

Hey Low embarked on this journey in 2020 as a first proof-of-concept project: can we give a fresh, engaging look to this organisation while significantly reducing the impact of its presence online?
The answer (of course) was yes - we could.

A vibrant brand and website with reduced environmental impact.

Before the redesign of this brand and website, most of the data was generated by images and video. The visual identity wasn’t clearly defined and the messaging wasn’t straightforward - this was problematic as the project relied on the support of donations where trust is an important factor. We partnered with Chennai-based artist Chaaya Prabhat to create illustrations for the website, reducing the need for heavy media, and created empowering and clear messaging which resulted in a coherent brand experience with a low-carbon footprint.

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