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Straight to
the Point
at the Speed of Light.

With a vibrant and fresh new visual identity and website, we reduced Kollectify's digital footprint by more than eight times and made the site four times faster than the old version.

Visual Identity - Design - Development


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Kollectify, a Shopify digital marketing agency, partnered with our studio to embark on a transformative journey towards more sustainable marketing practices. We developed the "Straight to the Point" creative concept and positioned Kollectify as a Zero Waste Marketing Agency. This concept guided every aspect of the project, emphasizing a concise and direct approach that prioritizes efficiency.

Visual Identity & Design

Lightweight and vibrant

We crafted a fresh visual identity that captures Kollectify's professional yet fun approach. We brought movement and vitality to the brand with vibrant graphics and a clean new typeface, resulting in a lightweight and visually appealing website design.

We wanted to take a professional yet fun approach because that is how our clients describe us.
Hey Low absolutely nailed it.”
Krissie Claire
Kollectify’s Founder

Design and Development

At the speed of light

The website combines our optimization techniques and the new visual identity, and thus delivers remarkable results, offering a fast and engaging user experience. The estimated carbon emissions associated with the website were reduced by more than eight times compared to the previous version. In addition, the load speed is only 700ms, which is four times faster than their old website. This highlights the undeniable benefits of our low-carbon methodology, which was integrated into the project from its core.

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We are here to guide your brand and website through a transformative journey that turns a humble caterpillar into a breathtaking butterfly. Our process - Discovery, Development and Launch - creates polished end-products that authentically portray your brand as one with a minimal environmental impact.
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